Have you ever felt like there were just some things that were never socially acceptable to talk about? Typically these things are the types of things you NEED to talk about but never can. Hurts, fears, disappointments, regrets… the list goes on and on. What is it about these things that make us feel so “dirty” for talking about them? We have this distorted view of what life is supposed to be like and I believe that falling short of that ideal makes us feel like we are weird or not normal. Well, the truth is, that’s all wrong. Failing is normal whether we like to think it is or not, and good people fail all the time. People work hard and are given the short end of the stick daily, it feels. What would it take for there to be a world where it was okay to come out and say “I struggle with A, B, & C!” and for there not to be shame associated with it. Will we ever live in a world like this? Part of me sincerely hopes so, and the other part of me has little faith it will actually happen…
Here’s to hoping that there’s a better future tomorrow.



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