I always wondered what it would feel like to finally have a job I loved, where I felt wanted or even needed, where I enjoyed waking up in the morning and heading in to work…
I also wondered if I would ever find said “job”. What does a job like that look like? Does everyone find the same happiness in the same job? Do people that work at fast food joints and grocery stores love their jobs? Or can they? Was I just being selfish because I wanted more than that? The older I get (I know, the ripe old age of 24) the more I realize that is just not the case.  Do I look down on those people who are indeed happy asking if I want fries with that? Nope! Because I know now that people WILL & CAN be happy in a different job than I would. Everyone has a passion, some people want to serve themselves, some want to serve others, some want to be served. In the end, everyone falls into some type of category.
The more time I spend at work the more I am awakened to the realization that this is my happy job… for now, this is it. Will it be something else someday? Maybe! I don’t know. All I know now is that I LOVE my job. I love serving people and I love the relationships I get to build with each customer that walks through the door. Some leave more lasting impressions than others and some leave none at all. Either way, I love making people happy.
What is it about helping others that just brings a smile to our faces and warmth to out hearts?
I guess I’ll leave you with this…
I challenge you to start being aware of the type of impressions you’re leaving on the people around you. What would your bank teller, gas station attendant, and coworker say about you if asked? Let’s challenge ourselves to make sure it’s something positive and worth while!



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