Christmas is right around the corner…

There is one thing that comes to mind when I think of the Holiday’s and in particular Christmas. JOY. And with Joy, gifts and gift giving. This year I decided I am going to hand make all of my gifts. No more spending money on mindless gifts that essentially have no meaning, more time spent investing myself into the gift of giving and doing some self evaluation of myself in the process. If we think back on all these Christmas’ that have gone by, what gifts meant the most? The ones worth the most amount of money? NO, the ones that had the most thought and seemed as though they were MADE  for us as an individual!

Have you spent that much time on Pinterest lately? I totally have! haha Probably too much time. But, I am actually really enjoying seeing all of the home made ornaments as well as all of the cool things you can make with MASON JARS! Who doesn’t LOVE  Mason Jars? There are so many things you can make out of stuff like wood, light bulbs, bottle caps, newspaper,  and pretty much anything that you can think of!

I have linked a few of the SUPER CUTE ones that I am totally going to try this year. I will make sure to post a DIY of them when I do! In the meantime, check out the links to the ones below!

Snowmen/Penguin Ornaments

Wood Slice Ornaments

50 DIY Ornaments

DIY Sea Shell Ornaments

What types of ornaments or gifts have you received that stick out in your mind? Sound off below in the comments!



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